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In-game rough mesh of Newcastle reconstruction

A few weeks ago I posted the point-cloud reconstruction of an event in Newcastle, Australia, created from photos. My research colleague Jules Cromarty has meshed the point-cloud and brought it into the computer game Crysis. Here are the results:         This is…

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Dense point-cloud reconstruction

I have been working with Bundler and PMVS2 to reconstruct some of my old multi-camera scans from 2007. There is a lot of potential to get some really good output from them, but at the moment I’m getting incomplete results; only one side comes out….

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3D scanning with a webcam

Qi Pan, a 3rd year PhD student at Cambridge University Engineering Department, has developed a system for on-line (constructed in real-time) webcam based reconstruction of textured 3D models. The video shows off the potential for this best: Even better news is that a demo may…

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