The Tactical Space Lab is a multifaceted research initiative, and we are dedicated to encouraging critical discussion about emerging digital technologies.  In practice this means we are working to develop a public program of events and activities that encompass presentations, workshops, and exhibitions which explore technology in an informed and critical way.

By ‘critical’ we mean ways of thinking which challenge the assumed neutrality and rationality of technology, point out dynamics of inequality that are enacted through them, and suggest new approaches to using them which deviate from the prevalant cultures of capture, control, and commodification of information.

In parallel to our book project “Decolonising the Digital” we would like to invite artists, researchers, and critical theorists to present the Tactical Space Lab.


Tactical Space Lab is an intelligent, friendly and receptive venue for presenting your work.

  • capacity of about 60 people
  • refreshments will be provide
  • equipped with a floor-to-ceiling digital projector, room sound
  • photographic documentation will be made of presentations, and archived on the website
  • the Lab will coordinate promotion of the talk
  • A fee is provided to cover transport and costs

We are interested in hosting presenters with a well articulated, informed polemic/critical view on new technologies.

Indicative Keywords: technology as cultural practice, postcolonialism, feminism, intersectionality, Indigenous experimental art, digital media art, polemic, artist-researchers


While the Lab is happy to hosts solo and group exhibitions, we are more interested in exploring artist residencies that involve collaborative development of ideas and showcase these outcomes in a final show.  We can host 1 or 2 artists at a time, running on a collaborative model of practice-based research.

  • Eligible Applicants: we are open to artists from all backgrounds and working in/with digital media.  We will give priority to artists from culturally diverse backgrounds
  • The maximum period for residency is three months
  • Facilities: The Lab has two bed rooms, a living room, kitchen and wireless internet connection. Resident artists may use the shared studio and will be encouraged to develop ideas with other researchers in the space.
  • Program Fees: Artists will be expected to cover all related traveling expenses including international air tickets, insurance, materials and food. An additional program fee of AU$500 /month is required.  Accommodation for artists is provided, along with associated studio and exhibition costs such as promotion and documentation.


To apply, please submit:

  • Presentations: A 200-500 word abstract for your paper
    Residency: A 200-500 word discussion of your practice & a PDF containing 5-10 images of your work
    Exhibition: A 200-500 word description of your exhibition idea & a PDF containing 5-10 images of your work
  • All: A current curriculum vitae.

Applications in PDF format sent to: