VR Studio 2022


Building on years of creative collaboration experience and development in virtual reality, Tactical Space Lab is hosting a 3-part episodic virtual reality experience with artists Abdul Abdullah, Matt Chun, and Katy B Plummer.

In a two-week intensive workshop format, each artist will be introduced to a range of current VR and immersive technologies, and provided with the tools to explore them through a process of collaborative development, responding to possible forms of integration in their practice.

The lab focuses on developing new tools, new thinking, and new ways of using VR, by providing a context for technology- and concept-driven experimentation. Outcomes and knowledge gained will be shared widely through exhibitions, artists’ talks, adult and youth workshops, video documentation, and the online development blog.

These studios are part of a larger project a field guide to the Interior

Supporting Tech

A field guide to the Interior is driven by experimentation and innovation in digital storytelling and takes advantage of emerging technologies in production. Our production workflow uses various tools, which compliment Unreal Engine’s virtual production workflows.


A field guide to the Interior will be released as an interactive 6-degree-of-freedom VR app, as well as a 360°, stereoscopic video with closed captions, for broader accessibility.

Tactical Space Lab invites you to join us online for the release of our episodic VR experience with our participating artists

Live-stream videos


  • Abdul Abdullah

    Abdul Abdullah

    2022, A field guide to the Interior Artist

  • Matt Chun

    Matt Chun

    2022, A field guide to the Interior Artist

  • Katy B Plummer

    Katy B Plummer

    2022, A field guide to the Interior Artist


Supporters and Partners

Tactical Space Lab has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

A field guide to the Interior is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.