Graffiti and Games

Friend, Artist and aspiring Architect Melody Williams has just installed these chalk boxes in Camperdown Memorial Park. See if you can find them and have a draw.

The park is located in the centre of Newtown, Sydney’s hip, alternative suburb. A long wall down the length of it forms a great canvas for graffiti, and it is constantly being reworked. I’ve made a PhotoSynth of the wall, that lets you navigate along it and zoom in to areas of interest. As well as the images I’ve taken, there are a handful of Creative Commons Flickr images, and this lets you see how the graffiti has changed in the last few weeks. I’ll go back in a few weeks and add more images to the set, and hopefully capture some changed sections and overwritten marks.

View the PhotoSynth to navigate through the park (you will need to download the Silverlight plugin first-time).