Graffiti Atlas

Graffiti Atlas


The Graffiti Atlas project is an experiment into graffiti conservation/archives that tracks changes in a locations graffiti over time.  This project has been superseded by the “Guided Tours in Virtual Environments” approach, though this newer approach is yet to include showing a progression over time.

[unity src=”1574″]

Controls (In Map view)
Drag: move.  Click: zoom into wall. Alt+Drag: rotate.  Mouse Wheel: Zoom.

Controls (In Zoom View)
Drag: move. Mouse Wheel: Zoom. Click (quickly): shows any detail images.  Click outside wall: back to map view.

The mobile version of the interface allows rotating, moving, and scaling with a nice 2-finger point-drag.

What do you like?
What don’t you like?
What is confusing?
What makes sense?

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