Artists Profile – Nic Cassey

Nic is an eclectic and enigmatic singer songwriter from Sydney, Australia. His sincere, beautiful vocals, piano, guitar and drums skills make Nic a well rounded and prolific songwriter. His first two unsigned releases have given him a reputation up and down Australia’s East coast as a unique voice in the Folk and Psychedelic scenes.

Nic’s 3rd album, The Captain, is a heart-wrenching, contemporary folk record with lo-fi, psychedelic and electronic elements. Having already recorded two studio albums with a traditional band format, Nic’s intention with the third record was to create a lo-fi bedroom record, playing all the instruments if he had to.

Getting lost in the world of production, Nic turned to his long term collaborator, Chris Hancock. Not only did Chris record and mix his first two solo records, he is also a well recognised electronic producer, so was at home with the more electronic sound Nic was going for in this 3rd record.