Trafalgar St Tunnel foldout print

Using the high-resolution scan data captured for the interactive app, we’ve produced a limited-edition print: a set of 2 meter, foldout images of the walls and ceiling of the tunnel. The sections of the printed tunnel unfold out over 6 metres, printed in high-resolution to maintain the legibility and impact of the tunnel’s details.  The booklet shows the tunnel as it was in early 2014, with graffiti from the last 6 years.

These would be great to accompany the Graffiti tour/talk that Chris Tamm is running as part of the Marrickville Open Studio Trail. If you are in Sydney and planning on joining Chris Tamm for one of these tours, you can grab the booklet and save yourself postage by picking it up from Chris directly.

We’re selling these to help cover the cost of the cloud-computing needed to reconstruct the tunnel, and also because they look awesome and we know people will like them. If you order before the official launch on the 3rd March, you can take advantage of the pre-order price of $20.


trafalgar st print, laid out   trafalgar st print, holding


Trafalgar St Tunnel limited edition print (pre-order)


Pickup at MOST graffiti tour

$20[wp_cart_button name=”Trafalgar St Tunnel Folded Print (pre-order) – pickup” price=”20″ shipping=”0″]

Delivered within Australia

$20 + $8.25 postage [wp_cart_button name=”Trafalgar St Tunnel Folded Print (pre-order) – posted Australia” price=”20″ shipping=”8.25″]


to United Kingdom

$20 + $18.20 postage [wp_cart_button name=”Trafalgar St Tunnel Folded Print (pre-order) – posted UK” price=”20″ shipping=”18.20″]


to United States

$20 + $14.10 postage [wp_cart_button name=”Trafalgar St Tunnel Folded Print (pre-order) – posted USA” price=”20″ shipping=”14.10″]




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