The blog recently featured Windosill, a flash game by Vectorpark. The sound effects and playful detail are consistently excellent throughout the game, and everything contributes to what is a fantastically tactile experience. Here’s RockPaperShotgun’s praise:

Vectorpark (Patrick Smith), creator of 2007’s wonderful Feed The Head, offers a gorgeous new downloadable Flash game: Windosill. It’s the gentle tale of a small toy car, quietly trundling its way through a series of screens, each requiring exploration and interaction to discover a small white cube that will unlock the next room. This begins in what might well the shelves of a child’s bedroom, but very quickly enters the amorphous reality that makes Smith’s games so distinctive.

The quality is constantly stunning, Smith seeming to be a stage ahead of others with his neat, detailed Flash creations. The tangibility of everything, the sense of weight and gravity, elasticity and rigidity, makes the creation so much more satisfying to play with. It’s enormously cute, and in this case surprisingly simple.

The game has a shareware-eque mechanism, where you can play about half of the game before being required to activate the rest for US$3, but it is such a beautiful creation, that it feels more like buying an artwork than anything else. In fact, I was so enamoured by it that I bought an activated copy for a friend too. You might not feel so generous, but I highly recommend giving the first part of the game a go for free.