sucks. It’s true, and I hadn’t realised until reading a self-confession of past sins be a videogame journo.

This new generation of irresponsible 30-something children probably don’t mind, but videogames are as much a potentially powerful, serious and effective artistic medium as comics and anime. It took a long time for this to be realised with the other two, but a good start would be constructive and genre-advancing critique.

Of course there is solid and favoured place for pure and simple fun in videogames as well, but a preview and review system that fears advertiser pull-out and loss of promo material does nothing more than form part of the marketing department of the producers.

Similarly – and no doubt far more serious – is the issue of advertiser control of newspaper and magazine content. I don’t have enough reighteous and idealistic fervor to preach against it at the moment, but hopefully mentioning it here will keep everyone mindful of the harsh realities of our Fourth Estate.