For this year’s Christmas presents I continued the theme of my Postcards project. I wanted to give everyone something screen-printed, and joyfully marked with the snail-mail ink stamps. I also wanted to work with fun, low-key online interaction.

I screen-printed a 2 colour drawing of a treehouse onto envelopes, and a gold-on-green card leaf to go in the envelope. Each leaf has a unique adjective on the back, as the end part of a web address. The web address went to a flash movie, which represents the tree and everyone’s leaves. At the moment people can change the colours of their leaves.
Leaves close up

Flickr Set

Friends and relatives reading this: If you haven’t got one yet, it’s because I don’t know your address. Please email it to me.

I’m still planning some extensions to the functionality of the tree. It’s really fun having a crisp, anti-aliased display platform to play with for interactions, too, and the PHP/MySQL/XML/Flash connection is not too complicated to work with. I’d love to hear your thoughts about improvements and extensions to the tree app, so don’t be afraid to comment.