Sculpture: Room

Still not got Internet connection fully up, but after a huge break in updates I thought I’d stick up pictures of my graduate exhibition work.

The sculpture was a wooden space 3x3x3m. A wooden framework was built, and wall segments were mounted on an axle that allowed them to spin freely. The segments were spun using high-torque, geared motors mounted at the top of the walls.

The work was intended to invoke a sense of questioning to assumptions of context, space, and given meaning. The viewer is free to enter the sculpture as a room, with all wall segments closed to created a solid and enclosed space. Occasionally, the walls begin a slow 180 degree rotation, through which the each segment moves in concert with the others. Halfway through the rotation, the wall segments are perpendicular to the rooms framework, and the room becomes and open space. The walls then close up again. This point of opening shifts understanding of the space from a normal room, to the much wider space that the viewer becomes part of as the room “dissolves”. It is intended to be a point of satori.