I’ve made screen prints on a few postcards, and want to share them with friends. This is just the first few attempts at printing, so I imagine that if I keep at it there will be quite an improvement. I’d love to have people to send them to, as motivation to keep printing new things, as a nice touch-base, and to using romantic, nostalgic old snail-mail – I always like receiving something packagey or handmade in the mail!

If you want to be on the mailing list, add a comment to this post with your name and postal address. I’ll keep the comments hidden, so you won’t have to announce it to the world.

If you are feeling dandy and helpful, you can contribute the cost of your stamp. This is $1.30 for international, or 55c for local. I don’t mind sending them out for free though, so don’t worry if it’s a hassle.

Thanks, and don’t forget to add your details!

I’ve sent them out. Too late for this design, but I’ll do another one soon enough!