Daniel Benmergui, game designer behind Ludomacy comes up with some interesting and beautiful (though a little slow) games that explore storytelling. They are very different from the usual game, and worth a look if only to see another use of the “medium” – what you can do with active engagement in your story.


StoryTeller is a fun look a fairy tales, and the Happy Ending. It is playable here.

The interesting thing about this experiment is the immediate causality: you can see instantly how the choices you make affect the future, so the cost of experimenting with the story is almost zero. Some of the endings you can get are funny and not hardcoded into the game logic.

Hint: knights can kill wizards if they are overlapped.

And …

I wish I were the moon

I wish I were the Moon is a more subtle play with scenarios, playable here. As Daniel says

I tried to make it about the exploration of an emotional situation instead of a physical space, without using any text.

And there is a video walkthrough available on the original posting page, if you want to find all the endings.