DIY RFID implant – Hack a Day

Quethe implanted an RFID chip into his hand so that he can access his handgun safe without having to fumble around for keys or buttons. He’s also planning to do more with the chip, including installing readers so he can access his car without keys.

We’ve covered quite a a few hackers that have chosen to chip themselves in the past. …thankfully, all of the[se people] understand that it’s not a form of security.

At Reading University many years ago, Professor Kevin Warwick implanted an RFID chip into his arm to allow the CompSci department’s doors to open automatically for him. These RFID chips being used are easily clonable, so it’s good to see that the hackers featured in Hack a Day weren’t using them as a serious security device. You really want to be able to replace them if you suspect they have been copied, or to upgrade to newer technology, so apart from the cool “cyborg” factor having the chips implanted is a problem. I don’t see any reason not to just stick it in an elastic wristband or something.