Sorry for the lapse in posts; I’ve been working on making an interesting Christmas present for everyone, which I’ll blog once they’re all received.

I’ve just spotted Crayon Physics Deluxe – a 2D physics puzzle game – on, and it fitted into my ongoing look at learning games. The game is scheduled to be available for the iphone in January 2009, and looks like it’s based on the more advanced Phun. Take a look at the video, but be warned that you might want to turn down the sound – the music gets repetitive.

Both this latest game and Phun are examples of “2D Physics sandboxes”, where you can create objects that operate and interact based on Newtonian Physics. The game solutions are open-ended, and it looks like you could have a lot of fun building needlessly complex interactions to achieve the goal. I also really like the aesthetics of the game.