I’ve written a modification to Christoph Hausner’s SynthExport that will export the camera positions of your PhotoSynth, and create projection maps of the original images to retexture your model in high-res. Let me know how you find it!


Download the CameraExport app here: https://github.com/neonascent/SynthExport-Fork/archive/master.zip

GitHub of the CameraExport app: https://github.com/neonascent/SynthExport-Fork

The application is located in “/SynthExport/SynthExport/bin/Release”


Henri Astre has also added the functionality into the latest version of the PhotoSynth toolkit.

Previous Updates:

Edit 1: I’ve just changed the way the composite materials chain; they now cascade which makes everything a little more straightforward.

Edit 2:Version 1.1 now works out 35mm focal length for you, so the process is entirely automatic.


Edit 3:Version 1.2 rotates portrait-format images within the 3DS material, so you do not need to rotate the actual image file.


I was excited to see Greg Downing’s post regarding camera projection mapping from PhotoSynth, but a little disappointed there was no working system made available. I’ve put something together on the back of Christoph Hausner’s SynthExport, that will recreate camera positions and set up camera projection maps with assigned images in 3DS Max. This makes it a fairly painless process to get high-res textured models.