Josh Harle is a media artist with a science background and a critical perspective on emerging technology.  His parents met when his father – a nuclear physicist – started work at the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, hidden in picturesque countryside of South England, where his maternal grandfather worked tooling parts for Trident nuclear missiles.  Harle’s works take various established and emerging technologies – laser scanning, robotics, photogrammetry, geolocation tracking – and re-appropriates them as expressive mediums, altering their outcomes to introduce an affective element which is normally absent.

He is currently developing a new work which explores the aesthetics of remote robotics, and its expression through the polar opposite of Utopian tech-humanist endeavors (mars rovers and satellite flybys) and catastrophic accidents (Fukashima radiation cleanup).

Harle is looking for assistants for paid and workshop development for this project and others. Depending on your skillset, helping out will be a great way to learn about new emerging technologies which may contribute to your own practice, or make some money with an interesting project.

See and for examples of his previous projects.