Bethan Huws, Untitled, 2006
Bethan Huws, Untitled, 2006, alluminio, vetro, lettere in gomma e plastica

We Make Money Not Art reviews the Art, Price, Value show in Florence, and discusses the theme:

Contemporary art plays an increasingly prominent role in our culture, with some of its most visible figures reaching a status that can only be compared to the one of fashion designers, Hollywood actors and pop stars. Many people have come to associate contemporary art with tactics made of shock, awe and circus. The economic power of art is reflected in the spectacular prices obtained at international auctions, the increasing number of museums accused of ‘blockbusteritis’, biennials becoming as necessary to the tiniest country as a local airport, festivals popping up everywhere (just how many media art festivals are there in The Netherlands exactly?), star-stud openings and mega-happenings.

I think Bethan Huws’s work above is great. 🙂