This is an entirely esoteric post, so if you do not use XAMPP or similar to develop websites locally, then this will not be interesting to you…


Since I’ve been using XAMPP, I’ve found the job of switching to another project irritating. At one point I set up a copy of httpd.conf for each project, and copied and renamed when I was changing setup. Now I’ve written a little windows app that allows you to set up one template httpd.conf, and choose between a list of your project roots. Excellent!

Download Apache Chooser (8kb .zip)

Just unextract anywhere, and run it once you’ve created a httpd.conf.source template. Read the readme.txt for help.

Post issues or improvements in the comments. Hope you find it helpful!

The App is written in C#, using Visual Studio 2008. If you’d like to improve the code, it’s available for download here (, 48kb).